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Thursday, June 19, 2003 

I hate socks. I hate socks. I hate socks. (picture me singing this to a mocking little tune and dancing and skipping around the room).

Okay, I don't really hate socks. Just screwing up on socks. And heels.

I was working diligently on my sock yesterday when I decided to take a gander at the next step in the pattern -- shaping the heel. Suddenly, amidst a train full of smartly dressed business people staring blankly into the air, I felt panic begin to take over. My pulse quickened, my blood pressure steadly began to rise, I could feel that little trickle of perspiration forming on my forhead. I began to feel dizzy, and mildly nauseous, as I looked over the instructions. When I started the sock I confidently proclaimed to myself that I could conquer anything -- even socks! But now I felt like a puppy whimpering away from a scolding master, afraid to look back for fear that my sock master would lash out at me again. I quickly tucked the pattern back into my bag and vowed never to look at it again (well, at least not until I had calmed down and gotten home where I could look at other patterns and tutorials for some helpful advice).

Then this morning, as I was headed to work I picked up the sock and began working a little more on the heel, knowing that very soon I would reach the edge of the cliff. Would I leap off, splattering on the ground below? Or would I carefully and steadily climb down the face of the cliff, gently reaching the bottom with only a few minor scratches to show of it? And that's when I noticed it. It must have been my subconscious both trying to piss me off and do me a favor at the same time! I had screwed up the pattern and instead of doing slip 1, purl 1, repeat across the row on the wrong side I was doing slip 1, purl the rest of the stitches across the row on the wrong side! I had to frog nearly 2 inches of work. And while I was quietly muttering every curse word I know under my breath as I put the stitches back on the needle, I was also even more quietly jumping for joy that the dreaded moment of heel shaping was just that much farther off in the distance.

The nice thing is that this now buys me some time to figure out what the hell the instructions for the heel shaping mean. Though it's not so much the instructions that scare me as the idea of picking up stitches. I've never done it before and am afraid that I'm going to pick up something that was never meant to be picked up in the first place, and that my sock will end up looking more like something created by MC Escher than a sock. I suppose what I need to do is find someone local that actually knows how to make a sock to show me what to do. I learn best by seeing and doing, so reading the instructions or having someone just tell me can get really fuzzy. Though if anyone has any links to any picture-heavy tutorials on picking up stitches (or sock heels even) you can consider yourself a life saver and my personal hero!

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