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Monday, June 09, 2003 


Okay, after I buy my yarn from www.woolneedlework.com for the cute wrap top in the recent FCEK, and some Lazer FX to make Berroco's New York City Lights top. And maybe some more sock yarn too, like maybe the Fortissima Colori, or some Regia.

Add that to the order that's on its way from Smiley's Yarns, and all the stuff I've got stashed in plastic boxes in my closet waiting to be used for various projects, and I should be set for the next year!

Yarn addiction should be considered to be on the level of drug or alcohol addictions. I think we need support groups. Yarnaholics Anonymous groups. Yarnateen groups for unwitting children who fall victim to the kitting addictions of their loved ones. FBI lists sent to your LYS telling them NOT to sell you any more yarn until it has been deemed that your stash is no longer a threat to national security.

Who am I kidding? It's just like trying to diet. I'll have that piece of cheesecake now, and tomorrow I'll start watching what I eat. Same thing with the yarn. I'll buy these last few skeins, and then nothing more until I've tackled most of my waiting projects....But, that's like trying to convince a fish that he can swim in dirt - it just ain't gonna happen.

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