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Wednesday, June 25, 2003 

The weather in San Francisco is practically perfect today. It's warm, sunny, and there's this slight breeze that keeps it from being stale. I took the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. I grabbed a sandwich from this little Italian deli, a Jamba Juice, and my knitting and walked down to the Yerba Buena Gardens where there was a live band playing and lots of people lolling around on the grass. I spent the next 45 minutes eating lunch, enjoying the music and the sunshine, and getting some more work done on my Katrina top.

Yesterday I went back to Art Fibers and exchanged the electric blue yarn I bought a little over a week ago for this gorgeous emerald green color. Then the girl wrote up a customized shell pattern for me for that particular yarn. Yay!

Also, as mentioned on the side, I'll be adding a new feature soon. Actually, two new features. I'm working on an additional page to my site where you can see my personal project gallery and a super extensive list of free knitting patterns. I'd like it to be the most comprehensive out there. It's going to take a while to finish though, and I'd like to get a few more links up before I unveil the site.

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