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Wednesday, July 16, 2003 

Argh! What is up with me? Last week I lost my credit card (though I was lucky that nobody used it), and now I lost my work keys. I'm not used to losing stuff. Fortunately I called around and my keys were turned in at the grocery store. Maybe they stole them to make me have to come back to buy more stuff.

Anywho, I finished the right side of the Katrina top last night. The length came out an absolute perfect match with the back. I was getting pretty nervous there for a bit as I neared the end. I thought for sure it would end up an inch too long. I cast on for the left side last night too, and am working away on that. I'm also beginning to get a little worried that maybe I won't have enough yarn. I'm knitting to gauge, and my row count is pretty much right on too. It said 5 balls would be needed, but I'm starting to think I may need a little bit more than 5. Not a lot more, but just enough to finish all the i-cord. If I have to I'll improvise, maybe using a pretty ribbon or something for the tie instead. Although after fearing the front piece would be too long last night, and turning out to be wrong, maybe I shouldn't worry so much.

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