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Thursday, July 24, 2003 

Go figure I'd finish my FCEK wrap top, and it would be too cold in SF to wear it. That's okay. I've decided that it will make it's public debut Saturday with my cute new stretchy Gap jeans, and equally cute new Dr Scholl's platform sandals (bought at Shoe Pavillion for over 1/2 off!). I'll be spending Saturday with my honey, and my Grandma's birthday dinner is that night. That way I can show it off to my whole family! Yay!!!!

I also wanted to apologize for the horrible, horrible quality of the pictures below. Stupid webcam. My digital camera doesn't always take the greatest pictures either...it can be picky about lighting. Or maybe it's just me and they fact that me and camera's don't get along. My film camera seems to hate me, and delights in acting up when it's most important. I'm terribly unphotogenic (no, really..I am). And I just generally suck at taking pictures. My boyfriend's the photographer. But he wasn't around when I took those pictures, so you got what you got. The second picture of Cherry Twist gives you a little more detail, but detail is severely lacking for the wrap top. I'll try to get a closer up, more detailed picture of it if it's that important to anyone.

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