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Monday, July 28, 2003 

I can't go on even short distance trips without knitting. Yesterday Jonathan took me to the Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz. I had brought along my knitting for the Tahki Ravello Shell on elann.com. But, I realized after we had already left and were on the freeway that I had forgotten to put the pattern in my bag. So, I only got a couple of rows done. Talk about being antsy afterwards...I was feeling all upset that I had all this time that I was sitting in the car doing nothing that I could have been productive. The pattern itself is different, and interesting. It's mostly done in Stockinette stitch, but there are some changes on technique here and there that keep it form getting stale. Plus, it's really quick to knit up so far.

In other news, my FCEK wrap top made its public debut Saturday at my Grandma's 80th birthday dinner. My Grandma's cousin even remarked that it looked "expensive." Yay! And my boyfriend thinks it's "sexy." Of course that has a lot to do with its "Jack-In-The-Box" effect -- pull the string and SURPRISE! Out pops you-know-what. Men are so simple to please.

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