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Saturday, July 05, 2003 

I'm done! I stayed up until 1 in the morning Thursday night finishing Jonathan's blanket. And yesterday I gave it to him. It was so cute how he was holding it like a little kid hugging his favorite teddy. The weather's too warm right now to really use it, but when the weather cools it should be a nice, soft, warm blanket for him to use.

Now this frees up a lot of time to work on all the other projects I've been wanting to do for myself, including the three tops I've already started on. I'm working away on the front right piece of the FCEK top, and I hope to have that top done within the next week or so (depending on how much time I put into it). I'm also working on the v-neck sleeveless shell using the green Artfibers yarn. And then I started work on Cherry Twist from the Spring Knitty. I'm using Kitten Mohair and Galway Irish Wool, both in ivory shades.

And I also bought the Denise needle kit on Ebay. It arrived in three days, just as described. Although I'm already starting to think that I should buy some more cords and adapters and stoppers and such, just in case. I have two projects that need to use 24" size 11 circulars for knitting in the round. One is the Cherry Twist, the other is a tote bag. For now I'll have to try to finish Cherry Twist ASAP so I can start on the bag. Well, technically I have started on it. I started the bottom of the bag, which is being knitted flat so I figured I could get away with doing that on straights. But for the bag part itself I'm going to need to use circulars. Hopefully Cherry Twist will be quick to knit up. It looks like it will, especially since it's being knitted in the round, so I don't have to do two separate pieces for the front and back. Once I've reached the bottom I'm done.

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