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Thursday, July 10, 2003 

Last night I finished the Cherry Twist top. Now all that's left is blocking, which I'll probably do this weekend. Adding the extra inches made a big difference. The only thing I'm not really liking is that because it's a close fitting garment the stitches are pulling a little in a few places leaving what looks like holes. This is mainly happening on the sides where the increases/decreases are, and near the top back edges of the armholes. I'm going to try to reinforce it a little bit with some extra bits of yarn. If I can just close up those holes it would look a lot better. Plus, it would probably help it last longer too since it looks like those are areas of higher stress on the fabric. Reinforcing it will keep the yarn from stretching out too much or breaking one day.

It only took me a few days to knit that up too, so I may consider reknitting it in a different color at some point using the lessons I learned from the first pattern. I might try a bit of a chunkier yarn (though not too chunky), and I'd change where the increases/decreases fall as well. And I'd be sure to knit a little tighter in some areas. We'll see how the first comes out after blocking too, and that will help me decide.

I'll try to post a picture of it in the next couple of days. Maybe I'll get my boyfriend to take a few shots of me posing all sexy-like in my new top. Plus, I'll try to add some picture updates on my other projects.

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