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Tuesday, July 22, 2003 

Last night I pretty much finished the FCEK Katrina wrap top. As the pattern calls for it, it's done. However, the underarms look a little raw and unfinished, so I'm going to pick up some stitches there tonight, and finish that off. Otherwise, it's done! It looks good, and fits well too. I was seaming it yesterday on BART and I had three people ooh and ahh over it on the train. I can't wait to wear it.

It was so hard deciding what to work on next. But, I had started a tote bag from Simple Knits for Sophisticated Living, but only got halfway through the bottom piece before I started something else. I couldn't work on it much yet because I didn't have the right needle, and was waiting until I got my Denise set. Now, I'm already to work on it. It looks like it shouldn't take very long to knit up. If I work on it all this week, I should be able to felt it this weekend.

This week's Knitworthy is Cleo's Plastic Knitted Bag made from those plastic grocery bags that seem to accumulate in my front closet until I can't even open the door without them threatening to bury me. Might be a fun project, and a great way to recycle those old bags! See below for a picture.

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