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Thursday, July 17, 2003 

Shame on me, buying more yarn. I took a little stroll over to Artfibers yesterday. They rearranged everything, and I was like "woah!" But it's a good change, because the reason they did it was to make room for MORE YARN! Wait, maybe that's a bad thing (for my bank account anyway). I bought two skeins of this soft purple and white yarn (I can't remember the name or the content right now....). It was on the sale rack, and I had been eyeballing it for a while now. At first I was going to use it to make the herbal neck wrap, but then I decided it would make a really nice scarf, and I haven't made a scarf yet. Mindless knitting, here I come. I also bought a large ball (575 yards) of this deep purple cotton called Maya. I'm thinking it's destined to become a tank. And I'm thinking of designing my own. I was thinking of a simple camisole, knitted in the round, with a little lace border on the bottom edge. As for the straps, I was thinking of either doing ribbons, or making it a halter top, or making 1" or 1.5" straps with little cables in them, or just doing something really basic. I don't know yet. Maybe if the pattern turns out to be really cool, I post it on my site for others to try!

In other news, I'm finally getting my butt in gear to start forming a local Stitch & Bitch. I had put an ad up on Craigslist over a month ago, and got a few replies. But, things got a little busy for me and I didn't get around to setting things up. But, I just put up another ad, and have gotten a few more replies. That brings the total number of people interested so far to 10. That should be a good number to get started with, especially when you consider that some people won't actually come. Hopefully our first meeting will be within the next two weeks. I'm excited because it will be great to hang out with some other young knitters. Most of the knitters I know (and there aren't many) are older. Plus, I think this will be a good way for me to meet some new people. Ever since graduating from college I've felt like I could use a little boost to my social circle. While at Cal, I at least had the Berkeley College Republicans to hang out with. But a lot of my friends from there went in a lot of different directions after graduating, so it made it hard to hang out with them. Now I'm stuck with my "old friends" that have been around since high school -- not that there's anything wrong with that. I think old friends are some of the best. They're tried and true, and they know you even better. But new friends are always fun, and they too can become "old friends" after time.

I've found that making friends is a lot like dating. Recently I've been trying to build a stronger base of female friends. You can't just jump into a friendship with someone you dont know. You have to feel each other out, get to know each other, find common bonds. And it's not like you can just hang out with that person like any of your other friends. Getting together with them is like going on a date. You have to find an event, or pick a place, and then ask them out, and face rejection. Just like dating, if and when you go out together, you'll be spending a lot of that time together trying to decide whether or not they're someone you want to have in your life. It usually takes a few more "dates" before deciding this is someone you'd like to spend more time with, but even then it's no guarantee of a friendship. And rejection is always a possibility. But, what's cool about "dating" friends is that you can go out on as many friend dates as you want without worrying about the others finding out and bailing on you for being a cheating slut. Plus, if things work out with multiple people you can all date together in one big friendship orgy! Okay...now I'll stop because I'm getting weird. But I think you get my point. Right?

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