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Monday, July 14, 2003 

This week's knitworthy is a fun little object that would make a great (and fast) gift for someone. And you know, Christmas is just a hop, skip , and a jump away.

The pattern is for a warm herbal neck wrap. The pattern could easily be customized to include different stitch patterns, fair isle, intarsia, charted designs, and other fun ways to personalize it.

Some scents you may want to incorporate: lavender (relaxing), marjoram, betony, rose petals (smells good, soothing), cloves, and rosemary, peppermint (cooling, energizing), eucalyptus (relieves stress, good for sinus headaches and relieving congestion), cinnamon (anti-spasmodic), chamomile (relaxing, relieves anxiety), valerian root (calms nerves), frankincense (calms emotions), geranium (relieves PMS), rosemary (relieves headaches), basil (lifts depression).

And a couple of quick tips on herbal heating pads: There have been cases where these thins have caught on fire in the microwave. The reason is that the moisture content becomes so low from repeated use that they become highly combustible. Try putting a bowl of water in the microwave with it when you heat it. Or try spritzing it with water prior to heating. This will also help prolong the life of the heating pad.

It's definitely on my list of objects to make for Christmas. I can already think of quite a few people who'd love to find this under the tree!

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