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Wednesday, August 27, 2003 

Call me a lemming if you will (for doing what QueerJoe already did), but I was having so much fun at Makeover Solutions that I made three! The "before" picture is me with no makeup after I got up in the morning. I whited out the background, cuz otherwise it just looked funky. But then again, so do I in that picture.

Here are my makeovers, in no particular order of preference.

The Goth

I scare myself, really. Yet somehow I find this makeover to be oddly intruiging. Maybe it's the eyes...yeah. I want some pale olive contacts. I've actually always wanted some creepy looking contacts (red, or yellow, or white or something similar) that I would wear just to creep people out. Of course, I'd act as if the person were crazy if they asked about them.

The Princess

Me as a blonde. I kind of like how I look with the curls. Actually....it kind of reminds me of my mom when she was younger (she has really curly hair, although it's brown). Now, for my date with Prince William......

The Punk

If I had had the guts to dye my naturally red hair, this probably would have been one of many looks sported by me in high school. Instead, I stuck with my locks, but went wild with the clothing.

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