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Friday, August 08, 2003 

I'll be out for the weekend, up at my boyfriend's family reunion. All kinds of drama going on within the family, which I won't bore you with. Let's just say family squabbles, and my boyfriend's mother crashing in the same room as us because she couldn't make up her mind on whether or not to go, and so lost her room (and now has decided at the very last minute to go). So, I pretty much get no alone time with my boyfriend, no privacy, and the awkwardness of sharing a room with my boyfriend's mother (and possibly his brother on Saturday night).

So, it looks like I'm going to need to bring some knitting to keep myself calm. I started on my Regia socks, so I'll probably bring those. And I'm working on a scarf from some sale yarn from Artfibers. I keep starting it and ripping it out, because I'm trying to find the perfect pattern for it. So far I've tried a number of things, and nothing is really working the way I want it to. So, I'll likely rip that out and toy with it some more. And then I'm also bringing along the v-neck shell I'm making from another Artfibers yarn (mohair, wool, and nylon). It requires a little more time and thought, so I've sort of left it sitting for a while now. I've only done about two or three inches on one side. Maybe I'll get some decent progress done on that this weekend.

I love knitting socks in public. I think all those DPN's pointing out every-which-way scares people. I was working on the sock on the train this morning - five needles haphazardly stabbing the air - and the seat next to me was the last to be filled, even though it's usually one of the quickest to fill up (I pretty much always sit in the the same seat). One woman started to sit down next to me, and then I noticed her look over at what was in my hands, and then turn 90 degrees to sit in the next seat over. It's as if people think I'm knitting a sling shot. I have yet to poke someone's eye out with those things, so there's really nothing to fear. Except for anyone thinking of messing with me. What a great weapon for self-defense. Nobody would expect the knitting needles. But, in a pinch you could stab and attacker with them, potentially buying enough time to get away. No wonder they were banned from flights...part of me wonders why they still aren't. I guess now that we've won the war in Afghanistan, they're not afraid of little old ladies knitting Afghans any more (ohhh....did I ever tell you I have a bad habit of telling really bad, old jokes? Wait...I can hear the crickets.)

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