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Monday, August 04, 2003 

Jonathan and I were supposed to go camping this weekend, so I took Friday off. We didn't end up going, so I had essentially taken a vacation day off for nothing. I tried to make at least something out of it. Since I had some errands to run in Castro Valley anyway, I decided to stop by Adela's Yarn. I had been meaning to check it out since I had found it a few months ago when my friend and I had gone to the Starbucks a few doors down. But, the hours weren't compatible with my schedule, so I never really got the chance. They seem to have a decent selection of yarns. They carry lots of Cascade, Schaefer, Muench, the Great Adirondack, among many others. They carried a wide selection of Addi Turbos, as well as a some other brands, and accessories. There was also a nice collection of hand dyed yarns.

The store seemed a bit disorganized though, and I found that a bit of a turn off. Some stuff was well organized, like the Cascade yarns. But others were just piled in baskets and on shelves, and there didn't seem to be any serious method to the madness. There would be three or four (at least) different types of yarn commingling in one small space. It made it difficult to see exactly what they had. The Monica Gellar in me wanted to tear it all off the shelves and organize it. It's funny, though. I tend to get a lot more worked up over other people's messes than I do my own. My office/yarn room is very disorganized, and admittedly a disaster area. My boyfriend can't stand it, but to me it's organized chaos. In all seriousness, I do intend to straighten up that room...but I just need to get myself organized. And in my defense, I'm not running a business out of that room, so nobody but me should really care what it looks like. If you're running a store, it's to your benefit to keep it tidy and organized.

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