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Thursday, August 14, 2003 

My Smiley's order came in today - in a huge box! Fortunately I was chatting with the security guard at my building at work, and I saw the UPS guy come in with my box. There was no one in the office, so otherwise I would have missed him and not gotten the package. All I have is a large Gap shopping bag to carry it home in, so it will definitely take at lease two trips.

Included in my order was a bunch of Homespun in different colors. Smiley's was having a big sale ($1.99/skein) on it last week, so I snagged a bunch. I got enough Country Green to make a throw for my boyfriend's parents for Christmas. Then I got some Honolulu (a purple and white) to maybe make a throw for myself (or maybe not). And then I got 3 each of Gazebo, Evergreen, Aquarium, and Cyprus to either make baby blankets, or other miscellaneous projects out of. They'll probably end up just sitting in my stash waiting for a use to pop up. But, I thought they'd make nice baby blankets that I could whip together quickly in case someone I know happens to turn up pregnant.

I also picked up 29 skeins of Bernat Handicrafter Cotton (it was only $1.00/skein) to make a few things with. Some ideas I had was the BNS, the UCan2 shell, and maybe this boatneck sweater from the Hollywood Knits book. I got 20 skeins of a light blue color, and 9 of a mint green (although, now I wish I had gotten the apple green instead).

Then I grabbed a bunch of Paton's Classic Wool. One skein in Navy to finish my felted tote bag with. A couple skeins of gray and one in black to make another felted purse with, and a skein of a cream color to go with some beige/heather Classic Wool I already have that I'll probably make another felted purse with.

I also bought some Wool-Ease -- two skeins of Grey, two skeins of Tan -- for what, I connt remember. I think it was for a couple of shirts. I think I was going to make either another BNS, and/or a White Lies Shapely Tank Top. But, I'm not 100% positive. I need to go look at my notes on the order to remember.

And lastly I purchased one more skein of Patons Kroy (I bought some last time...but not enough) and a few skeins of Cervinia Sorrento in Charcoal ($1/skein) to make a halter top out of.

I'm super glad this stuff came today. Some of this stuff is going camping with me. We'll see how much progress we can knock out in a week. I'll have about 8 hours each way getting there and back. And then, while I'm not fishing, picking blackberries and huckleberries, or visiting with people I haven't seen in a long time (my family & a number of family friends have been going to this place every year for like 40 years), I hope to get some mad progress done.

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