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Monday, August 11, 2003 

What a nightmare this weekend was. Jon's mom came up Saturday (giving us one night to ourselves). The drama ensued throughout Saturday, and quite frankly reached uber-rediculous levels. And the whole thing culminated in Jon's mom's car getting keyed. We're pretty sure we know who is responsible (her brother), but we don't know for sure, and don't have any way of definitely proving it. But, the circumstancial evidence is pretty strong against him. It would be one hell of a coincidence if he wasn't somehow involved. I just hope the jerk realizes that based on the amount of damage done (the officer estimated it at around $800) it makes it a felony. That means that the person who did it wouldn't just be slapped with a fine, they would be facing jail time. All because they are so selfish, petty, immature, and stupid to take their (misguided) anger to such a nasty, low-life level instead of dealing with their issues like an adult.

I did get some knitting done this weekend though. A bunch of people were hanging out by the pool Saturday afternoon. Jon wanted to swim, I didn't. So, I brought my sock and my sleeveless mohair shell out with me. I only got a few more rows done on the shell this weekend, because I need to rethink a part of the pattern. I'm afraid it's going to turn out too short (even though I had the pattern custom designed for me), so I'm thinking about adding another half an inch to the waist. But, I want to do some measuring first, and needed to wait until I got home. But I'm now up to the heel on my Regia socks. I'll post some pictures of it later. I love this yarn, and the pattern it makes. It's just so fun! Everyone was asking me what I was making, and how long I had been knitting. They were all shocked when I told them I've only been knitting 3 1/2 months, and then proceeded to tell them about all the things I've made/am working on.

I wore my Katrina top on Sunday, and got oohs and ahhs over it. So that felt really good. A lot of people who have seen the Katrina top have told me that they can't believe I actually knitted it. To my (perfectionist) eye there are a few issues I have with the top that could have made it better, but all in all it came out great.

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