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Tuesday, September 16, 2003 

After spending the last hour and a half perusing through the new issue of Knitty, I'm happy to say that I've found a few goodies for later.

The first is an article by Bonne Marie on how to make items that actually fit! My boyfriend doesn't know it, but next time he comes over I'm slapping a tape measure in his hand and making him get to work. I'm sure he won't mind wrapping the tape measure around various areas of my scantily clad body.

As for the patterns, there were some that just didn't do anything for me. But hopefully you, or someone else will enjoy them. What did turn my head and pique my interest were the following:

Accordian: This sweater is cute, classic, and looks very cozy. I love the fact that you can make it in both big people and little people sizes. How cute would a mother/daughter matching set be? Very cute, if you didn't already figure out the answer. Plus, it's very stylish, so if your little one has discrminating tastes (i.e. won't wear anything that didn't come from the Gap) this might just be the ticket.

Rosedale: Another winner from Amy at Indigirl. This would make a great casual jacket for fall. Will I end up making it? Maybe or maybe not, depending on what happens with all of my other projects. But I definitely like it and would consider it if I had the time.

Saity: When I first opened the page for Saity, my eyes popped and my mouth uttered "wow." I love peacoats, and this one looks really nice. It's the sort of garment I can see getting tons of compliments on -- especially people insisting that I couldn't have made something like that. The only thing I would really change is to add an extra piece of collar to the neck. Otherwise, for me, it just seems to be missing something. But overall, it's a great, and different design.

Sonnet: Looking for a quick, easy project? Sonnet would fit that bill nicely. This is very likely to end up on my WIP list at some point in the future. I'll make mine more fitted, and probably something work appropriate. If I like it enough, I'll probably make others for casual wear, gifts, etc. This is great to customize with your own special buttons too. I'll be on the lookout for some unique buttons to add to this cardigan.

Hoover: This is a must make. Not only is it a little piece of history, it's also super cute! If only one of my friends were pregnant so I'd have an excuse to make it...You heard me guys! Get busy making babies so I can make you great stuff like this. I'll probably knit one up in advance anyway, so that way if someone has a "surprise" pregnancy, I have a surprise gift waiting.

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