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Monday, September 08, 2003 

Happy Monday! Only four more days until Friday...can I last that long?

Before I get started with the rest of my post, here is this week's Knitworthy. It's a pattern for knitted dice ornaments. You could easily knit them with some mohair and make them fuzzy dice. Perhaps make some thin i-cord to tie them together and hang over your rearview mirror (Actually, don't do that. In some places it's illegal to hang things from your rear view mirror. It blocks your full view of the road, which could cause an accident. Hang it somewhere else in your car instead.)

Once again, I didn't do much knitting this weekend. Did take a trip to Ikea on Saturday and picked up a patio set (with my Abercrombie & Fitch settlement check...though, I didn't spend the whole check), some miscellaneous items, and three small rectangular mirrors for my entry way. Hung the mirrors yesterday morning, and it helps add a little light and interest to the entry space. Plus, it's great for being able to get in one last check of how I look before I leave the house. Only bad part is that I get to see, right away, how frazzled I look when I come home. It's like I walk out the door, and into a tornado every morning.

I also hit up a few more thrift stores. At one I found three dining chairs for $5.00 each (marked down from $10.00 each). Then I ran down to the fabric store, picked up some fabric, and reupholstered them when I got home. Now I just need to (at the very least) clean the wood. I may, at some point, sand them and either paint or restain them. But, not right now.

After picking up the dining chairs (which were fun to stuff into my little 1982 Celica), I swung by my parent's house to pick up some mirrored tiles. My dad had built a bar in the family room years ago, and used mirrored tiles to make a mirrored wall behind it. They took down that bar about two years ago, but my mom still had a few of the tiles cluttering up precious room in the garage. So, I did them the favor of taking them off their hands (and they did me the favor of not making me go out and spend $10 for a box of them). I'm going to use a couple of them to tile the backsplash above my stove. The kitchen has no direct lighting, and is kind of small, so I figured making a mirrored backsplash would bring more light into the kitchen (the mirrors will be facing a small window), and add some depth to the kitchen as well. As for the other mirrors, I'm still deciding what to do with them. I may use them for some other crafts as well.

Knitting time is going to become tighter here over the next few months....right in time for the Holiday Season. I start the H&R Block Tax Course tonight, and that will be two 3 hour classes a week, plus anywhere from 3-6 hours of homework a week. Say buh-bye to my free time. I'll probably use what little time I have to make ornaments and Christmas gifts for people. Making stuff for me will either have to get squeezed in when it can, or will have to wait until AFTER Christmas. Sob.

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