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Thursday, September 18, 2003 

My first quiz in the tax course is over, and it was actually pretty easy (especially since the teacher did a "review" before hand that turned out to consist of all of the questions on the quiz). I've already got people hitting me up to do their tax return for them next year, for free. I don't know about all of that. Since I'll be working for H&R Block I'll be allowed to do a certain number (I think last year it was 15) of returns for free using H&R Blocks system (of course I can do as many as I like by hand for free). My boyfriend, parents, brothers, and best friend already have one of the coveted spots. My boyfriend's friend was trying to hit me up to do his return free too. This from the guy that never gives out Christmas/birthday gifts to anyone (or even a card) and instead says he's giving them the "everlasting gift of friendship." Yeah, well I have news for you buddy, that's all you're getting at tax time.

I spent a couple of hours after class last night stuffing mousies. The bells seemed to work fine inside. I just stuffed them down into the nose, and then packed a bunch of catnip inside. I have one more mouse to stuff (I've done 6). I may try to do a few more mice before I send them off, but that all depends on time. I'm trying to finish the BNS that I started a month ago. I had put it down for a few weeks while I was focusing on other things, both knitting and non-knitting related. But, I'm almost done with it, so I might as well finish it. Once it's done I'm going to finish the felted tote bag which is close to completion. I never did get any other yarn to make a stripe on the bag. I think instead I'll leave it all blue and add some decorative features after felting, like maybe some cool buttons or something. Or maybe I'll sew on some trim, or add a fun liner (even though I really don't want to have to sew in a liner).

Also, I'm a little behind on this week's Knitworthy. So, without further delay, here it is. Queer Joe posted a pattern for a Willy Warmer (or Peter Heater, or Weenie Beanie, or whatever you'd like to call it) on his site the other day. I had another printed pattern at home somewhere, and I was going to make a few up as gag gifts for some people. I liked QueerJoe's pattern, and decided to share it with those of you who haven't already seen it. Below is a picture of QueerJoe's completed Schlong Thong.

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