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Monday, September 22, 2003 

One of these days I'll stop making appointments to have my hair cut a day in advance.

I have this bad habit of deciding suddenly that I can no longer live with my current do, which leads me to call a salon near where I work and ask if they have anyone available over the next few days.

For years I've been a haircut slut. I've rarely been faithful to a stylist for long. Sometimes I may stick with a stylist for a year or so, but usually at some point I find myself yearning for more, and thus having an illicit affair with another stylist. This typically leads to awkwardness when I return to my "regular" stylist because she can tell it's not her work. And that's usually when I realize that I cheated not for fun, but because my relationship with my "regular" wasn't right.

So then I begin chair hopping again, making last minute hair booty calls -- to stylists I don't even know. Desperate to find someone who can pleasure me in a way no stylist has ever done before, to send me in to a tantric hairgasm, I latch on to the first person that comes along. And then find myself disposing of them just as quickly when I realize they just don't know how to weild their tools the way I like it.

I try to be assertive and tell them what I want. Some just awkwardly fumble around my head, looking for the sweet spot, but never finding it. Others seem more into their own pleasure, giving me a cut that's more to their delight than mine. And sometimes I just want someone to have their way with me, yet still leave me in utter bliss at the results.

I've tried asking friends for recommendations on who they've enjoyed. I've tried seeing those with fancy credentials and years of experience. I've tried posting on message boards looking for people willing to share. So far, not so good.

One of these days I'll try doing lots of research, maybe seeing someone who is booked up weeks (or months?) in advance. Someone that busy HAS to be good, right? All I'm asking for is a cut that continues to look great even weeks after. I'm tired of this short lived post haircut glow. I want to be feeling it for weeks, and even months. I want something so good not even a cold shower will wash it away. Ah, one can dream....

In the meantime I'll ho myself again tomorrow. This time at one of the top salons in the area. The woman I'll be going to charges $80 for a cut and style, and the guy on the phone said she is "really good" (though I know to take that with more than just a grain of salt). If she really is as good as the guy says, and she finally does it for me, the $80 wont matter one bit. I'd pay quite a bit to find a stylist that can give me the kind of cut I'm after. Plus, that would mean I could finally settle down and be committed to one, and only one stylist.

In knitting news, I got nothing done this weekend. But, I will have pictures up over the next couple of days! I'm in the market to buy a new digital camera, so I'm going to borrow the one from work. I picked it out for our office, but I'd like to test it at home to see if it's one I'd like to buy for myself. I figure that will give me the perfect opportunity to snap some pictures of my current projects to post here. Look for those soon!

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