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Thursday, October 09, 2003 

Argh! My tax class was cancelled last night. Not cancelled for the evening, but cancelled for good. So, now I have to find another class to crash. H&R Block has this policy that if there are less than 10 students regularly showing up for a particular class, they'll cancel it. We had 8 regulars. And a really awesome teacher. Now, that's all gone. Now I have the addedd stress of trying to find a new class that I can actually get to on time that doesn't conflict with my schedule before our midterm next week.

In happier news, the felted tote is done. I even brought it to work today (with my knitting inside). Below are some pictures (the ones I promised the other day). The bag is pretty plain, but it'll work well for its purposes. My next bag will have some more pizzazz, I hope.

Before felting

After Felting (while drying)

Another After Felting Picture (just at a slightly different angle)

And coming soon, a picture of the finished project!

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