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Monday, October 06, 2003 

Hooray for progress! I actually got some knitting done this weekend. Sunday afternoon I was faced with a choice: do more homework for Tax Class, or knit. Not a very difficult decision.

I finished the felted tote bag. I literally used up every last inch of yarn. I had to leave the straps a few inches short because there was no yarn left. Then I threw it in my washing machine and babysat it for probably the next hour. I was so anxious and nervous. I was afraid I'd pull it out of the washing machine and it would be the size of a wallet, or it would fall apart, or it would be horribly deformed. I probably could have gone through one more agitation cycle, but I was afraid of going too far. It turned out looking really good too. I did take some pictures, but my dumbass self left them on my computer at home. So, I'll upload those onto my picture hosting site and hopefully post them tomorrow. The bag is still drying anyway, so maybe tonight I'll be able to take a picture with it toally dry and ready to use. I still have to decide whether or not to do a lining. I'm planning on using it as a knitting bag, as opposed to a regular purse, so I can probably get away with not lining it.

I also started on the beaded napkin rings for Jonathan's mom. I still haven't even finished mine. But, I've been lagging on starting the one's for Jon's mom, so I started them last night. I even finished one of the napkin rings last night. I found that knitting them was easier and quicker this time than when I had been working on mine. Though knitting with wire is still never as quick as knitting with yarn. I like the way they're coming out. The dark green beads really pop.

Also, check out my free patterns page. I've added some fun new links, and I'll be adding more really soon.

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