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Tuesday, October 21, 2003 

It's tangent Tuesday, folks. But before I get to my griping, let me get to this week's knitworthy.

In a random selection, I have chosen Mouse Booties as this week's knitworthy. Perfect for the little one in your life! See a picture of them here.

Now, let's commence with the bitching.

Last night, after returning from dinner with Jonathan, I turned on the TV to find the first episode of the new Joe Millionaire was airing. Of course, since all of America knows the trick now, they decided to dupe a bunch of European women. After only 5 minutes of watching the show I was ready to puke, and ready to hurl my TV out the window. European women have had a fondness for putting down American women as being materialistic, shallow, stupid, arrogant, and ignorant (among other things).

However, based on what I saw last night, the European women on that show appeared to fit that bill far more closely than most American women. I had to laugh when they were told that the guy they'd be meeting, David, was a "real American cowboy" who earned his money from a trust fund that was paid for with oil money by his uncle. They all got this look on their faces like they had just been told this guy was Hitler himself. But, as soon as they were told he was worth $80 million, they started smiling and telling each other how much they couldn't wait to meet him. What a bunch of shallow, materialistic, greedy, intolerant, bigotted, arrogant bitches. At least they mostly seemed honest enough to admit that they weren't interested in the guy, and only his money. Then they began sucking down alcohol like it was the Prohibition, and ignorantly making fun of the guy they were going to attempt to woo.

Against my better judgement, I continued to watch the show, and thus continued to be horrified by the behavior and attitudes of these women. To be fair, just as not all American women are represented by those on the first season of Joe Millionaire, or by the stereotypes asserted by many European women, I will assume that not all European women are like those on the show last night. But, next time I hear some European attempting to put down American women, I'm just going to laugh and suggest that the person take a good, hard look at themselves and those around them. Perhaps the old childhood phrase of "takes one to know one" applies here quite nicely.

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