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Wednesday, October 15, 2003 

The Kyoto scarf is coming along beautifully--and I mean that literally. It's sitting in my bag right now under my desk, but a few times this morning I've had this urge to reach into my bag, take it out, and fondle it for a few moments. I cannot wait to have it finished so I can slip it around my neck. By the look and feel of it, I'd say it was definitely worth the price.

I think I've got a touch of laryngitis because my voice is kind of hoarse today. I'm hoping it goes away soon because I'm supposed to go camping this weekend with Jonathan and some friends. Maybe people would like it if I wasn't talking for once...but my friend Dan is coming up for the first time with his girlfriend, and I'd hate to be a mute the whole time. Wish me luck in getting better by Friday morning!

Speaking of the camping trip, I need to decide what to bring with me. Probably not the Kyoto scarf (although I hope to be done with it by then) because I don't want to risk it getting dirty. Maybe one of my unfinished socks. Maybe I'll bring the Chianti scarf and start working on that. Or I could bring some small bits of yarn to start making Christmas ornaments. I would like to bring something a little more substantial...but that really means I'll have to start something new. I really don't feel like bringing any of my finishing projects with me. For those I need to just spend a Sunday knocking them all out.

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