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Wednesday, October 01, 2003 

Last night's Stitch and Bitch went really well. We had two new people show up. There were only five of us there, but we still had a great time drinking margaritas, eating chips and the delicious dip Donna made, and working on our projects. Georgia spent some time teaching Maria how to crochet, and then let Maria work on her own, making a hat. By the end of the meeting we were all shocked at how much progress she had made, and at how well she was doing. We hung out until about 9:30 (so about 2 1/2 hours) chatting about all kinds of stuff. If you're interested in joining us at a future meeting and you will either be in the Bay Area at the end of the month or live here, click on the Yahoo Group button on the left sidebar.

I've also begun binding off for the tote bag. It uses an icord bind off, which I've never used before. It's pretty interesting, and I like the way it looks when it's done. But it takes forever. I'm constantly having to work with only 5 or 6 stitches at a time, and I have to constantly move them from the right needle to the left needle and back, over and over again. I worked on it during my commute, and at the meeting last night, and I'm about 1/3 of the way done. Then, I still have to knit the straps and felt it. I'm shooting to have it done this weekend.

Also, I'm a little delayed on this weeks Knitworthy, so here it is. Since last week I posted something of the male persuasion, this week I'm posting something of the female persuasion. Namely, a Knitted Uterus. The first time I saw one of these things I said "what the f*ck?!" But, after doing a little digging I found out that knitted uteri are used to help train people involved in prenatal care, and birthing. Not only that, but it seems that these things sell for quite a bit of money too. Maybe this could be a lucrative business opportunity. You could sell knitted uteruses and Willy Warmers at your local fair. Here is a link to a site that sells them. The site includes a picture.

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