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Thursday, October 23, 2003 

New book! I rarely ever buy my knitting books in a regular book store. I prefer instead to go to a regular bookstore to preview the books first, and then I hop on to Overstock.com and hope that they carry it (which they usually do). And if they don't carry it yet, I just check back later, and typically, it eventually shows up on their site. I've bought a million things from Overstock. They carry a wide selection of items for really cheap prices, including books discounted as much as 80%. I've bought everything form books, to my down comforter, to 600 thread count sheets, to my vacuum cleaner, to a Bulova watch for Jonathan's birthday, to my DVD player, to....the list could seriously go on and on. They ship quickly ($2.95 flat rate shipping), items are not junk, their prices are low, and they've been very reliable.

Anyway, on a recent trip to the bookstore, I ran across Weekend Knitting. The book is loaded with fun, interesting, beautiful, but easy projects. Plus, I felt relaxed just looking at the book. Sprinkled throughought are things such as a recipe for butter cookies, how to give a hand massage, how to take a soothing bath. Sure, these things aren't rocket science, but it's a nice touch. Flipping through it again just now I'm already finding myself inspired for more new projects (though, I'm going to try to be good and finish what I've already started first).

After running back to work and logging on to Overstock, I found that they carried it for $14.69. That's 16% less than Amazon's current price of $17.47, and 41% off of the cover price of $24.95. Well worth it, methinks.

Today I plan a trip to Artfibers (again!) to find yarn for a few gifts. I want to make a multidirectional scarf for my mother for Christmas, but I need to find just the right yarn. Hopefully something variegated. But, I may opt to blend some yarns instead. And I also need to get some black yarn for Jonathan's scarf. There are two shades of black in the Chianti -- one has a touch of blue, the other is darker. Since they offer swatching balls, I'm going to play around with the two for a bit to see if I want to pick one or the other, or if I want to combine them.

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