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Tuesday, October 07, 2003 

Nobody told me the bag would take this long to dry. It was still a little damp last night. I ran out the door before I could check it this morning, but it wouldn't surprise me if it were still slightly damp when I got home tonight.

I also got home a little late last night, so I didn't have a chance to upload the pics. Maybe tonight, if I can pry myself from the California Recall coverage.

I'm sort of in between projects right now. Well, not really, but everything is either in the finishing stages, or not really portable. So, I started on a scarf with some purple and white yarn I picked up on clearance at Artfibers a month or two ago. I'm just going to do a simple 3x2 rib. I want something mindless and fast.

Otherwise, I need to start working on my Christmas knitting. I've been doing some shopping around online for some yarn to make stockings with. And I also want to make ornaments. I'm trying to decide what else I'm going to make for Christmas presents, but I'm kind of stumped. I've already got the yarn for Jonathan's parent's throw. And I'm not sure if I'm going to knit something for my parents or not, or for my friend Alicia, or for anyone else.

I also need to get some black wool yarn to make a remote control holder for Jonathan. He's been bugging me about making him one for months. I've decided I'm going to felt it. But I still have to design it. At this point I'm thinking 6 pockets for remotes, and a large pocket for a TV Guide/notepad, and maybe a little pocket for a pen. He'll be hanging it over the file cabinet next to his bed (which acts as his night stand). But, I wanted something that he could use to put over the arm of a chair or couch when he moves out. I've got a few sketches, and some measurements, and an idea in my head of how I want to make it. But, first I need to get the yarn, swatch it, felt the swatch to gauge shrinkage, and then work out the pattern details. When I'm done with it I plan to post the pattern up for free on my free patterns site.

Lastly is this week's Knitworthy. It's not actually a knitting project, but it is made with wool, and it is felted. This week's project is felted soap. These would make a pretty cool gift, and it looks like they would be fun to make. Make a gift basket for someone with one of these, a knitted herbal neckwrap, a smocked eye pillow, a knitted back scrubber, and a handmade washcloth (all of these patterns can be found on my free patterns site). Maybe throw in a homemade candle, or home made bath salts (or go buy some nice scented ones), a relaxing CD (you could make this yourself too), a bottle of wine (don't make that), and anything else you think the recipient might like.

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