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Tuesday, October 14, 2003 

One scarf down, many more to go.

Last night I finished the long, skinny ribbed scarf with the Artfibers Schooner purple and white tweed yarn I got on clearance. It's ultra soft and cozy. I found that Dr. Phil and knitting go very well together. His show is a lot of verbage, and not much visual stimuli. So, I could listen to the show while focusing on my knitting, allowing me to switch from looking up at the screen and down at my knitting without worrying I'd miss something good.

Immediately after finishing the Schooner scarf I started a new scarf in this absolutely gorgeous yarn I bought from Artfibers on Friday. It's called Kyoto, and is a superkid mohair/spun slik/extra fine wool blend (25/69/6). This stuff is like knitting with a slice of heaven. It has this exceptional silky smoothness, a soft halo of fuzz, and this brilliant shine. Of course, it also cost $14/50g ball, so it was a splurge. I picked up three balls--one in ivory, celadon, and champagne--to make a scarf. I'm not doing anything fancy with it--just stockinette stitch--but I'm alternating the colors every 7 inches. I finished nearly 2 blocks last night while watching CSI Miami, so it's knitting up pretty quickly (and very beautifully). I'm going to wear this scarf a lot, especially when I go to New York in December. At $42 I BETTER wear it a lot!

The other stuff I picked up on Friday from Artfibers was Chianti, a soft merino wool. I bought a ball each of wine, camel and sky to make a vertical striped scarf. This stuff was only $6.50/50g ball. These colors seem to merge together so beautifully. Actually, it reminds me of picnicking at a vineyard on a clear, sunny day. The only thing missing is green; but they didn't carry green, and I'm not sure I would have included it if they did. The camel and the wine are a natural together, and the sky blue just adds a real pop to it.

Despite the heavy scarf knitting, I'm not turning into one of those drooling masses that thinks that knitting scarves is the epitomy of knitting skill. I actually have never knitted any scarves prior to this, and wanted a few for the fall. They are a nice accessory to have in San Francisco for those chilly mornings because they can easily be taken off and tucked away when the fog clears and the weather warms a bit. I'll probably make a couple more for myself, just so I have a variety. And then I wanted to whip up a few as Christmas gifts for a few people.

Yesterday was a yarn shopping spree day. I placed one large order with Wool NeedleWork Discounter for $73 ($82 after shipping). On my shopping list was 2 balls of Regia in 5211 Mini-Ringel to make a pair of socks. Then I got some yarn for making stockings including: 1 ball of Sandnesgarn Funny Glitter in red/gold, 3 balls of Schachenmayr Salsa in Christmas Red, and 4 balls of Salsa in white. I also got one more ball of Salsa in Cyclam to make a little makeup bag from the Hollywood Knits book for my friend Alicia for Christmas. Then I threw in 2 balls of Silk Garden in #71 to make a scarf--and so I could see what all the buzz was about (WNW has good prices on Silk Garden - $6.49 a ball).

Also, I purchased four balls of Sirdar Romance in Pearly Sky, Pearly Peach, Pearly Lavender, and Pearly Off-White to make what will be called my "Romance Scarf." But, not because it's made from Romance yarn. Jonathan and I "celebrate" four milestones/anniversaries: the day we met, the day we first kissed, the day we started dating, and the day we first *ahem*. These dates fall on the 8, 12, 18, and 22 of their respective months (but not in order of how they were listed above). So, I'm going to make a scarf where each block represents one of those dates in a four block sequence. The first block will consist of 22 rows, the second 12 rows , the third will have 18 rows, and the last will have 8 rows. Once completed it will symbolize our relationship. I hope to have it finished by our 6th anniversary on November 12 (I'm sure it will though, granted the yarn doesn't take forever to get here from Canada).

The second order was with Smiley's Yarns for $56 ($65 after shipping). I bought 7 skeins of Lion Brand Jiffy in Detroit to make a crib blanket with (for a baby who has yet to be conceived--I figure it's better to have some stuff on hand in case the stork visits someone I know, so I don't have to rush out and buy yarn). I also got 5 skeins of Jiffy in red, for a purpose I can't remember. I think it had something to do with Christmas though....But at $1 per skein, I'll find some use for it. Then I bought a few more skeins of Patons Classic Wool for various felting projects. 3 skeins of black for Jonathan's remote control holder, and one skein each of grey and beige for a couple of purses I'm planning to make (I decided to get one extra skein of each just in case since I cut it so close with the felted tote bag, and I still needed an extra skein than originally thought). In addition to the fuzzy yarns purchased from WNW for stockings, I bought 3 skeins each of Bernat Aspen in Berry Red and White. I'm hoping the red won't be too off, but if it is I'll just pick some stuff up from Michael's and use the red Aspen for other projects.

Last on my list was 6 skeins of Pattons Cotton DK in Dusty Rose for this week's Knitworthy, which is a Retro Style Knitting Bag. I still need to find some cool handles, but I'm scoping out Ebay to see what I can find. Either that or I'm hoping I get lucky and run across an old, but beat up bag with vintage handles that I can rescue. No luck at the thrift store yesterday, and I think it might be easier to just buy some.

Below is a picture of the Retro Knitting Bag. Check out the rest of their site too, because they have some great vintage knitting patterns for sale.

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