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Wednesday, October 22, 2003 

Yesterday afternoon my order from Smiley's Yarns came in. It always feels like Christmas when I get a package, especially when it's full of yarn. I was a little disapointed though. I had ordered 6 balls of Patons Cotton DK, and 5 were of one dye lot, and the 6th was from a different. And it was obvious. The oddball looked slightly darker than the others. Since I'm making the retro knitting bag (see below) with it, I may be able to just use the darker yarn for the very bottom of the bag or something. But, talk about annoying!

And the red Bernat I got should work fine for Christmas stockings. I haven't taken it home yet so I can match it to the furry yarn I bought, but it looks like it should do just fine.

I also started working on a multidirectional scarf with the Noro Silk Garden I got from WNW. I like the colorings, but the yarn itself doesn't seem to be that great to me. It's kind of scratchy and rough. I guess when I hear silk, I think of soft and smooth, not rough like raw silk. I guess it's not that bad, but it wasn't quite what I expected. I'm really enjoying the pattern though. It's easy, fast, and more interesting than garter or stockinette. Plus, the finished product looks really interesting too. I'm already halfway done with the scarf. Seeing as how quick and nice it is, I may take a trip down to Artfibers and pick up some yarn to make a multidirectional scarf for my mother for Christmas. I was going to do one in Silk Garden for her, but since I'm not all that thrilled with the yarn, I'd rather find something else.

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