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Thursday, November 06, 2003 

Happy Birthday to me! At least so far it's been better than it could have been.

Yesterday afternoon I got a call from the Sherrif's Department informing me that they had found my car. It was maybe about 7 miles from where it had been stolen, and not in pieces. They needed me to come get it though so they wouldn't have to tow it. Had that happened, I would have had to pay for the towing and storage fees to retreive my car. Since I was at work in SF, I asked if I could have my mother pick it up for me (she was only about 5 miles away) instead. They said that was fine. So, my mom had to drive out to my apartment, get my keys, and then drive out to where my car was. Jon was also just getting off of work only about 2 miles from where my car was abandoned, so he headed up there too.

The car was not in pieces. It doesn't appear that they stole any of the engine parts or anything. It looks like they just took it for a joy ride. The officer said he suspects they used a "shaved key" to open and start the car since there was no damage to the lock or the ignition. They did steal a few items out of my car including my tool kit; auto emergency kit; my pouch with my pencils/pens, calculator, post-it notes and stuff for tax class (but they left all my text books and everything, thankfully); and this black collapsable trunk organizer that had a few things stored in it (they dumped out some of the stuff that was in it, but took the rest). I also had a box of bullets (for a .38 special I was going to buy from a friend a few months ago) and the dummy rounds I had for the gun in my trunk. They stole those too. It looks like they were searching all over my car hoping I had a gun hidden in it. Of course, I would never be so stupid as to leave a gun in my car. That's just asking for trouble.

I'm still getting rid of the car though. My mom's friend, Marie, is going to transfer her old car over to my name. She was going to give that car to my brother when he graduated from high school in June. She said I could have it until then, and then in June I'll have to transfer it over to my brother. That will buy me about 6 or 7 months to get a new car -- which will be a tremendous help. I just can't drive my Celica anymore. I've had too much bad luck with her, and I don't feel comfortable driving her anymore. So, I'm going to clean her up a little, and then put her up for sale. It's such a shame, because I really liked my car too.

So, now I get to start trying to decide what kind of car to get. Anyone have any recommendations on any cars that are really good/really bad? I'm planning on buying either a 2003 or 2004 car. And I'm staying away from Toyota's and Honda's (too commonly stolen). Other than that, I'm looking for something that won't break the bank (preferrably under $20,000), gets decent gas mileage, is safe, isn't a commonly stolen car, isn't too big, and doesn't break down a lot.

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