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Wednesday, November 26, 2003 

Last night I had to rip out the Christmas top (see below). I reached the armhole, and tried it on, and it was way too big. So, I ripped it all out (it only took me about a week--2 hours a day for 5 days--to get to that point) and started over again. I think this time I'll split it on to separate needles sooner so I can try it on, then put them all back on one needle to keep going. Short of it being too big, it looked nice when I put it on. I may increase the length just a smidge. I'm hoping I cut out enough stitches. But, the resulting fabric has a lot of stretch to it, so it's better if it's slightly too small than too large.

I did really well on the final for my tax class. I got a 90% on the first part of the Federal final, 100% on the second part of the Federal, and missed 2 points on the third part of the Fedral (out of a possible 600 points for the third part). My teacher said he had to hunt through the last part, which was completing a return, to find something to mark me down on. For California, I got 100% on part 1, and missed, I think, 12 points (out of 160 possible) on the other half of the California. Afterward, I had the teacher calculate my grade for the entire class, and I got a 98%!!! Yay!

Tomorrow, we're spending Turkey Day at my Grandparent's house. I called my Grandmother yesterday to find out if there was anything she'd like me to bring. It sounded as if all the bases had been covered, so she told me to surprise them with something. Well, I've decided that I'm going to bring the cranberry sauce. Normally, my family just slops that gelatinous blob of cranberry from a can onto a plate. This year, I'm (hopefully) going to wow their tastebuds with something a little classier. I just have to decide what to make. I'm thinking of either a Cranberry and Dried-Cherry Sauce, or a Cranberry Sauce with Roasted Shallots and Port. Both recipies can be found on epicurious.com.

I'm not sure if I'll post until next week. So, in the meantime, enjoy these two websites I found and have really enjoyed. The first is Craftster.org. It's a message board dedicated entirely to crafting, knitting, crocheting, cooking, and the likes. They have a number of really great, really creative craft ideas, so be sure to check them out. Last weekend I used instructions and inspiration from their site to make record bowls and glass marble magnets. And I have a bunch of other crafts I'm going to make as gifts over the next few weeks.

The second site, digsmagazine.com is self-described as "a home + living guide for the post-college, pre-parenthood, quasi-adult generation." They have great articles on decorating on a budget, hosting parties, maximizing cleaning efficiency, repairing and revamping thrift store and garage sale finds, recipe ideas, and more. Their articles are funny, interesting, and full of great ideas, so be sure to check them out.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and enjoy stuffing your faces with delicious turkey (or whatever it is that your family enjoys)!

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