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Tuesday, November 04, 2003 

My car was stolen today. Right out of the BART parking lot. I got back this evening, and couldn't find my car. It's not like I just misplaced it. I know where I parked it. It was just gone. All of my stuff for my tax class was in the trunk too. My text books, my graded work, my $70 calculator, my notes -- everything. So, I had to skip class tonight (and we were supposed to have a test). And now I have to figure out what in the hell I'm supposed to do to finish the course off.

My old neighbor/mom's best friend is loaning me her car for a few days until my dad can get his car fixed up enough that I can drive it until I can get myself a new car. Which means no more disposable income, or no more free time (working a second job) or both. That also means I'll have to cut back on the yarn.

All of this two days before my birthday. Happy birthday to me....

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