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Sunday, December 28, 2003 

Hope you had a Merry Christmas! I'm thankful to be done (more or less) with my Christmas knitting. Next year I'm either starting very early, or I'm not making anything at all. My goal is to have anything I'm making for someone done before December, so I can just do some relaxation knitting during the month of December...but we'll see how that goes.

My mother bought me a ball winder (actually, it was a late birthday present). I haven't had time to start playing with it, but I definitly have yarn to wind with it. As for knitting related Christmas gifts, well I didn't really get any. Except that my mom says she still plans to buy me one of the knitting books I wanted. I did however buy myself the book "Knit One, Felt Too." It has some cute patterns in it, but I really want the other one that just came out, "Felted Knits."

Jonathan got me some really cool gifts. He bought me some stuff for my computer (top of the line video card, new case, more memory). Now I think I'm all set for when The Sims 2 comes out next year (I'm a huge Sims fan). He also bought me some really pretty pearl earrings with little diamonds to match the pearl necklace he bought me when I graduated from Berkeley. I had asked him for some pearl earrings after on of the fake ones I bought at Ross on clearance for $0.35 a few years ago got lost. I was thinking of just the pearl studs, but the ones he bought me are much nicer, and I like them a lot better. He also got me some other items, like a photo album I asked for, and a picture frame for this picture of us I had.

Other things I scored included new speakers for my computer, a two pistol locking case (for the gun I buy in the future), a cashmere sweater, a handheld Shark vacuum cleaner, as well as some other stuff.

I've also been buying myself some presents. The Lily Bag pattern, and Cascade 220 came in on Tuesday, so I need to start working on that. And then there's all the Kureyon I mentioned earlier. So, I've got some felting projects to start working on. I should finish the felted bag I was already working on, but I'm getting too excited about making something out of Kureyon, since I haven't done so before.

All I know is that I'm looking forward to making some stuff for myself. I've got a million projects I'd like to make. Choosing what's next is the hard part.

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