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Tuesday, December 09, 2003 

I'm going shopping today to buy a backup outfit for the Christmas party. I had finished both the front and back pieces of the Xmas top last night, and it's not getting the right drape. Plus, the armholes could stand to be a little smaller. I think I may be able to rectify the armhole situation by picking up some stitches and knitting a little border. It may help to just tighten it up a little. As for the drape neck...well, fortunately I put a lifeline in just after I finished the armhole decreases. So, I ripped back this morning to that lifeline. I'm going to try doing increases to make it fan out more, so there is more fabric to drape. Should that not work, well, I guess I could just skip the drape neck and do it differently.

Last night as I tossed and turned after going to bed at midnight (way past my bed time on a weeknight) I thought I could do a cowl neck, but I really don't want a cowl. Plus that's a whole lot more knitting. Then I thought I could do a boat neck. Not very fancy, but it could work. Whatever I do, I need to do something, or it's going to end up being a huge waste of yarn.

I've only got two more days to work on it, and not a lot of time. I really didn't want to work on it on the plane ride out to NY. I wanted to have it ready to go by then, and plus, I'm supposed to make Jonathan's scarf on the flight out, so he can wear it when we get to NY. And knitting time will be scarce today and tomorrow since tonight I have a board meeting (for a non-profit mediation organization I'm a board member for), and then tomorrow night I have a class for H&R Block. And I still need to pack. Yikes!

Here's a picture of the top (after ripping out part of the front)

And here's a close up of the back (with the yellow lifelines)

And here's a picture of how I'm feeling right about now

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