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Monday, December 22, 2003 

I've signed up for the Great Stash Reduction Project over at Cyborgoddess' website. I checked the timeline (for the Aran group), and I should be getting the box the first week of February. Prior to me on the list is Joanna, who I notice is in the same zip code (94105) as myself. Joanna, if you're reading this, send me an email, and let's discuss getting together and going through the box at the same time so we can get it out faster, and we can split the shipping costs.

I've officially decided to hold off on the throw for Jonathan's parents. Instead, I'll work on it over the next year and give it to them next Christmas. However, this means I need to come up with something else. I think I'll finish the napkin rings and give them that. And I'm making a herbal neck wrap for them too. And then maybe I'll throw in a box of chocolates, or some wine.

I've been feeling very overwhelmed this year, with Christmas. Normally I have it together, and I have just about everything taken care of by now. But, I've been so busy these last couple of months that Christmas just snuck up on me. I keep obsessively making lists of everything I still need to do. And when I look at it, I guess it's not that bad -- I have done quite a bit -- but I feel like I haven't done anything. And I keep going back and rewriting those lists, as if it's going to make things clearer, or easier. It doesn't help that I tend to overdo it. I have a tendency to spoil the people closest to me.

So, needless to say, I'll be happy once it's over with. I love Christmas time, but I'm not loving this stress. Fortunately I'll be taking a week off of work for Christmas, and hopefully that will give me a chance to relax.

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