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Tuesday, January 20, 2004 

I continue to get spam through my disposable email address I have set up for Blogger. I have received more of those 419 scam letters (where someone from someplace like Nigeria tries to convince me they need to hide a few million in a foreign account, and that I'll get a cut). Then this morning, I opened my mailbox to find no less than 35 spam emails from someone supposedly named "ARAGATS GHOOKASSIAN." Once again, I am pissed because Blogger promises not to share your email address with anyone, so I'm wondering what is going on. I have a theory, and I'm in the process of testing it, and if I'm right Blogger may not actually be at fault.

My digital camera arrived yesterday, and as you could probably guess, I was playing with it as much as possible. I still haven't installed the software on my computer, so I'm not sure how the images will look there, but they look great on the LCD screen. Though, I took a picture of my Christmas tree (yes, it's still up!) and I did notice quite a bit of purple fringing, so that was a little disappointing (though I was warned). Other than that it seems to be a really great camera. I'll try to post up some test pics either tonight or tomorrow.

I went down to Artfibers last Friday to browse around. I picked up some beautiful green Chaucer (silk & angora) to make a multidirectional scarf. I made my mom a multidirectional scarf from some purple Chaucer, and I loved how it turned out. I also want to make a sweater either out of Chaucer, Oz (angora with a pretty halo), or Sherlock (silk/wool, with a great drape to it). First I need to pick a pattern, and so far I haven't found anything that feels right. And considering the cost, I want this to be an item I can wear for a long time. Probably a very classic sweater with either a V or ballet neck. Or, I was thinking that Oz would make a great Twin Set.

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