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Monday, January 12, 2004 

I found this gem while surfing for more free knitting patterns to add to my free patterns site. Um, who in the world thought crocheted sneakers would be a good idea? Certainly not me. To each her own, I suppose....

My knitting books came in today. I'll probably go ahead and keep the two books with childrens/infants patterns, even though I have no children of my own, and really none to knit for. But, you never know when someone will be expecting. The patterns seem to be classic, nice looking pieces that I would appreciate receiving for my baby/child (if I had one). The other book, "Knitting School," seems to be a nice book as well. But it also looks like it covers most of what other books in my collection take care of nicely. For those who like heavy illustrations, then this book may be for you. I didn't spot one page that had more text than illustrations. Every page has pictures on it (almost always more than one). Though they are all illustrations, and none are photographs. But, the illustrations are very clear and well drawn. I've decided I'll keep it and gift it to a new knitter in the future. My best friend has considered having me teach her how to knit, and if she really wants to pursue it, I think she'd like this book.

Other than that, I'm just eagerly anticipating the arrival of my Canon G5. I've been reading up on photography and am already much more knowledgeable than I was only a week ago. I finally know what shutter speed, ISO, aperature, and some of those other terms mean. Once my camera arrives, I'll be able to start playing around with it to learn even more. I'm a kinesthetic learner, so just reading about it only does so much. I learn best through my experiences. But, I also picked up a 512mb memory card on ebay for a really good deal, so I'll have plenty of space to try things out. Look for pictures of my "experiments" to be posted in the next couple of weeks, after I get my camera.

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