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Friday, January 02, 2004 

More than a week off from work, and what do I have to show for it -- knitting-wise? Nothing! I do at least feel like some other things were accomplished (some shopping, some catching up with old friends, some good old fashioned relaxation). I think after the stress of Christmas knitting, I wore myself out a bit. I was excited to be done with Christmas knitting, and free to start making stuff for myself. The problem is, I've amassed so many projects for me that I want to do, that I can't decide where to start. Do I finish an old project? Start a new one? Start two new ones? Which do I do first? One of the gazillion felted bags I plan to make? A new sweater (gotta start now so I can actually wear it while it's still cold). Or should I get started on my holiday knitting for next Christmas so that when December rolls around, I'll be kicking my feet up and knitting leisurely for myself while I watch and laugh at everyone else scrambling to get stuff done by the deadline.

I want to start working on my Lily bag, but I feel bad about this other purse I started making that has been sitting, untouched, for two months maybe. I'm halfway done with that bag, so maybe I should just finish it so I can move on guilt free. But...argh!

Being that it's a new year, I feel almost compelled to make myself some New Years resolutions -- particularly when it comes to knitting. But, after little thought, I've decided to stick to my tried and true, never fail, feel good resolution I bust out every year - I resolve to not make any New Years resolutions. Though, I guess in a way I've actually failed that by making a resolution to not make any resolutions. Okay, so I resolve not to make any resolutions other than the resolution to not make any resolutions. (Hello, I'm from the Department of Redundancy Department.) Yeah, I like the way it sounded the first time better, too.

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