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Friday, February 06, 2004 

Now I've gone and done it... I finally broke and decided to join the Rowan Knitting Circle. At first I was holding off because I wasn't too excited about the Tumbling Blocks cushion you get as a free gift (wasn't so keen on the color choices) and was going to wait until they changed it to something else. But, I really liked some of the patterns in Rowan 35 that just came out. I picked the bright colored cushion, even though it won't match anything in my apartment. Perhaps I can gift it to someone who would enjoy it.

The Booga Bag is moving along. Stupid me forgot to throw another skein of Kureyon into my bag this morning, so I ran out of yarn pretty fast. The color is #51 and is black, grey, dark red, green, with a hint of purple. I bought it on sale, so I couldn't be too picky about the colors, but it's not as bad as I was expecting. I'll post up a picture on Monday.

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