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Friday, May 26, 2006 


I've long loved Amy Butler's patterns (who hasn't?), but simulatneously loathed the prices. Okay, so $12.95 isn't that bad... but I am that cheap. I'm the person you see hoarding patterns at Joann's when they're on sale for $1.00 each. I managed to find a number of Amy Butler patterns on Ebay for only $8.00, plus about $0.45 each for shipping. Brand new, never used. Seems like a good deal, if you ask me. I haven't seen them cheaper than that before, and I've looked.

My acquisitions include:

Now... to find some great fabric for cheap. Maybe I'll have to hit up the clearance section at Britex Fabrics near Union Square. I think I'd like to make the Chelsea handbag first, and then a Covington. I've got a 3-day weekend, and no real plans, so maybe I can manage to make at least one of them.

No progress on the dress from below. I haven't even started. Maybe I'll start on that this weekend, too.

I came upon this in your blog:
"Turns out my dad went to the FBI office on Monday and tried to tell them all kinds of things about my mom (my mom didn't want to know what he was saying, because she can't handle it emotionally right now)."

Please take care of yourself! Their needs are not your responsibility. I learned this from going to a therapist for several years.

Good luck and remember the first rule: Take care of yourself.


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